Top FREE resources for finding your next apartment

Ready to start your apartment search?  Here’s a list of some great websites to start the search online – from the comfort of your chair!

Craigslist – Click on ‘Apts / Housing’
Yahoo! –
RentBits – Click on ‘Rental Search’
AOL Real Estate
Oodle – Click on “For Rent” to filter out item sales – Click on your location, then “Rentals” category
Geebo – Click on “Rentals/Roomates”
Yakaz –  Note: This is a compilation search engine
Trovit – Click on “Homes” (Note: This is a compilation search engine)

(Listing updated July 11, 2015)

Alright – with all the resources above, have you found a bunch of potential options yet?  If not, or if you want even more options, consider your local:

Pennysaver / Town Crier / Newspapers:  Some small, non-PC savvy landlords still do advertise – don’t dismiss it!

Supermarket bulletin boards : Like print media ads, non-PC savvy landlords may also use a local bulletin board.

Real Agent : Help the apartment you want FASTER with help!

“Whoa – an Agent?  I may have to pay for that!”

Alot of people write off the help of an agent because of the cost associated.  However, having known many landlords – one should be aware that the best properties may NEVER be offered / shown as an option online – and these places would ONLY be available behind these Gatekeepers.   If the search doesn’t go well – seriously consider working with a Real Agent!  You may find that the number of available option can DOUBLE – since you now have access to many more “private” listings.

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